Rapid application


We accept payment in rubles at the exchange rate of Central Bank of Russia at the time of order confirmation. Prices are in Euros for your convenience.

02.01.2017 04:35/
Cards visa/mastercard

To pay with Visa / Mastercard fill in the form below (order number and order amount), and then click "Pay". Then you go to a site of payment system, where means your credit card will be debited off in favor of our shop after personal data input

09.02.2016 02:32/
Mobile terminal

Todo payment with Visa / Mastercard cards one can through the terminal in our salon or by the mobile terminal together with the courier receiving your order (it must be notified in the order confirmation). The mobile terminal service is not available in places without mobile internet or wi-fi.

09.02.2016 02:31/

You can pay your order receiving it or in our salon by cash. Also, you can call a courier for the money (+ 200 rubles)

09.02.2016 02:30/
Yandex Money

Owners of Yandex Wallets can pay for the order by the transfer from their purse to ours. The payment is madeinstantly. If you do not Yandex Wallet you can make a payment by terminal debiting our wallet. After making the payment, please inform us about it, and do not throw a check till the acceptance of payment. Wallet number of our store is 410012855999189

09.02.2016 02:29/

One of the easiest methods of payment is the completion of our MTS mobile account number. This can be done using terminals, Svyaznoy, Euroset and other salons. Mts number our store is + 7-911-921-63-84. Keep a check till the acceptance of payment.

09.02.2016 02:27/

Payment by personal account Qiwi or through a network of Qiwi terminals. Account for payment transfer is + 7-950-039-62-53

09.02.2016 02:26/

Payment is made on the personal account of our store. The identifier in the Paypal system: zakaz@kupit-cvetov.ru

09.02.2016 02:25/

In the network of ATMs of VTB24, UTB, RosEvroBank, Rosbank, in the "other services", select the "completion of the wallet in the YandexMoney system" and enter our store number - 410012855999189. Keep a check till the acceptance of payment.

09.02.2016 02:23/

It is one of the most popular systems of electronic wallets. Take a transfer of funds to our wallet number: R228519422808 in rubles or Z127665940425 in foreign currency. The paymentsare madeinstantly.

09.02.2016 02:22/
Cashless payment

Usually cashless payments take place when working with corporate customers and organizations. At your request we will invoice for payment on your details. Our details:

" Online Business " branch of public company "Khanty-Mansiysk Bank “Otkrytie”

Current Account: 40802810103270000351

Correspondent account: 30101810600000000999

BIC 044583999

09.02.2016 02:21/
Western union, Money Gram and other remittances

It is a very popular method of payment for customers from abroad. To verify our details for the payment, please contact our managers.

After payment it is recommended not to throw away the check till the acceptance of payment. If you have questions on payment, contact our managers by phone 8-812-408-05-84. About making the payment, please inform us by phone.

09.02.2016 02:19/
Flowers delivery and payment by card

At your request our manager will send to your email the link to pay with Visa / MasterCard payment through ROBOKASSA system.


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