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  Floral designers of our site are real professionals and fans of the business. They are always friendly, polite and cheerful, because their main goal is the transformation of the world, creating an atmosphere of aesthetics, beauty and grace. Everything that is attached with the florist’s hand, turned into a magnificent fragrant creation. Despite the wealth of experience and thousands of grateful comments of buyers, designers of our store do not stop to develop their talents and improve skills. Every year, each of them attends various exhibitions, master classes and seminars on the art of making bouquets. They adopt the knowledge and experience from the world's leading experts in the field of flower arranging, floral design and decor. That is why your order is always a new and unique masterpiece, in which florists of our site put in all the skills of the creators.

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гвилдис Mariyus Gvildis–a floral designer, a founder of the school of floristry in Kaunas (Lithuania), a claimed tutor in the schools of Lithuanian, Switzerland, Spain, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, expert judge of international competitions of florists, an author of "Lend-art" book, an author of the popular annual "Night inspiration" show held in Kaunas before Christmas, an organizer, participant and prize-winner of numerous Lend-art festivals in Switzerland, Lithuania, Canada.
виталий Vitaly Pyatakov - a designer with a rich experience in design of grandiose events, celebrations, window decoration and so on. The champion of St. Petersburg on professional floristry, 3rd place in the championship of Russia. The graduate of school in Riga, Latvia and the school of floral designers of Plant-A (St. Petersburg). He studied in Switzerland - Atelier5. He participated in the championships on the Lend-art, professional floristry.
  яна Yana Lenchevskaya - an experienced floral designer. One can envy the originality and brilliance of her works. She is a dedicated fan of floristry and all that is connected with the plant empire. Creative experimentation and continuous improvement - the main credo of Yana. She is a member of international competitions and shows, and a graduate of floral school of Plant-A as well. Yana is interested in poetry, that is why each compositionis a harmonious and holistic combination of spirit and rhythm of naturefor her.
мальцева Marina Maltseva–a certified floral designer. The most responsible and punctual employee of Kupit-tsvetov.ru;)
безручко Anastasia Bezruchko–a florist, wedding decorator, designer. School of Atelier 5, school of Plant-A. A member of floral shows, shows in Russia and abroad. Wedding floristry is her cup of tea. 
мейеровиц Maria Mejerovits–a florist, decorator, with more than 3 year experience in floristry.

Certificates - Registers - License – Diplomas

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