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  Glossy-waxed-wood-icon-business-thumbs-up1 Flower salon of our online store is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, and has a provocative name - "Flordel". Our salon is quite young and was opened in July, 2015, after the moving from Dumskaya Street. Loyal customers have already appreciated the creative approach to the fulfillment of orders of our salon. The creative atmosphere of "Flordel" falls to the liking of lots and lots of our guests.

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  Glossy-waxed-wood-icon-business-clock3Kupit-tsvetov.ru salon works around the clock. 24 hours a day there is an intelligent florist in the shop, who is able to collect a bouquet of any complexity, there is also the courier on dutywho can do the most urgent delivery around St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region.


Glossy-waxed-wood-icon-business-light-bulb2-sc52   Flordel is an unformatted flower salon. Perhaps it is the first flower store in the men's bar style. You will not find here ready-made bouquets, compositions and wild, hungry florists. But there is a wide range of rare, exotic and seasonal flowers. Competent floral designers will collect a unique creation for you and even in your presence, with a cup of coffee, for example;) If you are fed up with bouquets in the wholesale style, and you need a really decent bouquet, our doors are open for you.

  credit_cards_512In addition to bouquets and compositions in our store you can buy potted plants, balloons, the packaging for your presents. Managers who take orders are working within the walls of our store. That is why, if you wish, you can place your order right here. You can pay by cash or Visa / Mastercard.

  The team of "Flordel" is the real pros of the business, who are ready to help with even the most complex individual order.


Maria Mejerovits —  principal


Mariyus Gvildis - floral designer, tutor, consultant


Marina Maltseva - senior manager, florist


Polina Zaitseva - manager, florist


Marat Anturi - creative director, florist


Anastasia Bezruchko - florist, wedding decorator


Victoria Nyuhlova –artist, development manager


Rinat Khasyanov - the night manager, florist


Ivan Smirnyagin - courier


Vadim Tsarev - courier


Konstantin Kasparov - night courier


Rostislav Zabelin - courier





Kupit-tsvetov.ru salon cooperates with the best florists of St.Petersburg, Russia, Europe. You can trust us the most complex individual order.


Yours faithfully,"Flordel" team

Yours faithfully,"Flordel" team

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