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Whether anonymous delivery of flowers (incognito) is possible?  06.08.2014 07:28

Gifts are something nice and needed. And if we are talking about women, doing without flowers is simply impossible. In recent years a new way to present bouquets has become popular. It is an anonymous delivery of flowers, ie, flowers you ordered are delivered to the addressee incognito. He usually has no idea from ​​who he has received such a gorgeous composition or hardly guess the sender. Some customers like to add "fuel to the fire", putting a mysterious note into the flowers. Flower delivery incognito is in demand among men who do not want to show their feelings openly. So far they do not want to. Flowers incognito is an intriguing surprise and unexpected gift, which perfectly uplifting woman. Often an anonymous delivery of flowers is offered for famous people, pop stars. However, it is possible to present a bouquet to the wife or girlfriend. They probably will guess from whom the gift is, but they will be pleasantly surprised and flattered. In the online store you can order flowers around the clock in any district of St. Petersburg.


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