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Do you deliver flowers to a restaurant?  06.08.2014 07:20

Romantic candlelight dinner with a special significance for two in a restaurant - what could be better? You need, perhaps, only a couple of nuances: your favorite music and luxurious bouquet. And if the slow song can be ordered from your table, for a floral masterpiece you have to run to a nearby store. Or, to think about it ahead, and our company will provide the delivery of flowers to the restaurant. It is very convenient in case when a young man suddenly wants to give his beloved girl a treasured box with a ring. After presenting a bouquet at a meeting immediately all zest of marriage proposal is lost. The composition must appear suddenly, together with a neat ring. So the delivery of flowers to the restaurant from our store is carried out, as a rule, by the time agreed ahead, without delays and other troubles. Presented bouquet will delight your beloved for a long time after a pleasant evening as florists make up the composition from fresh cauliflowers only and directly before the delivery.


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